The incidence of kidney failure caused by orphan infections, such as hantavirus disease or invasive leptospirosis disease is increasing globally with frequent serious outbreak situations worldwide. However, the etiology of this development remains unclear. The global collaborative and registry platform Kidneyinfection.org was installed in 2019. Kidneyinfection.org is lead by the Department II of Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Cologne. Kidneyinfection.org collaborates with the German Society of Nephrology. Within this global platform, data of emerging orphan pathogens leading to kidney failure with regard to epidemiology, pathogen biology, as well as pre-existing prognostic factors and diagnostic and treatment approaches are collected anonymously to overcome the existing lack of knowledge and eventually to improve patient care. Currently, the two worldwide registries HantaReg and LeptoScope are part of Kidneyinfection.org.

Authorship Policy
Subsets of these cohorts are published. Authorship is restricted to those centers contributing cases, specimens of emerging pathogens or translational work to the subset published. For each contributing center there will be authorship positions available.