The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a newly identified virus that is spreading rapidly throughout the world and results in a severe Coronavirus-associated disease (COVID-19) in a considerable number of individuals affected. In the current pandemic, medical information on COVID-19 in high-risk patients, such as individuals with chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis and kidney transplant patients, is still scarce. Additionally, the impact of SARS-CoV2 infection on the kidney itself leading to acute kidney injury remains unclear. To overcome this lack of knowledge, the website Kidney in COVID-19 was set up using the platform kidneyinfection.org. Kidney in COVID-19 aims to provide the latest research concerning the interaction between kidney disease and the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic for nephrologists. You are cordially invited to participate and email us latest reseach concerning the kidney in COVID-19 as well as your experiences as experts in the field so we can share expertise and knowledge.


The novel Kidney in COVID-19 Registry, which facilitates anonymous documentation of nephrology patients of the regional network in Cologne, Germany, and the surrounding area, is online. The Kidney in COVID-19 Registry aims for the anonymous retrospective collection of clinical data of the following nephrology patients groups with COVID-19 infection:

  1. Patients with pre-existing dialysis (Haemodialysis peritoneal dialysis)
  2. Patients with acute kidney injury in the disease course of COVID-19
  3. Patients with pre-existing chronic kidney diseases
  4. Patients with kidney transplants

We suggest documentation of clinical cases 3-4 weeks after the day of diagnosis of COVID-19. Data entry to the Kidney in COVID-19 Registry can be found on the general data protection compliant platform clinicalsurveys.net and is secured by password.
Please mail us your affiliation at kidneyinfection@uk-koeln.de and your personal account for clinicalsurveys.net will be set-up.

Click here for the Kidney in COVID-19 Registry manual.

Click here for the German explanation of the Kidney in COVID-19 Registry / Klicken Sie hier für die deutsche Beschreibung des Kidney in COVID-19 Registers.