Invasive leptospirosis disease is a worldwide zoonosis caused by pathogenic Leptospira spp. During bacteremia, Leptospira spp. may lead to invasive, deep-seated leptospirosis disease with infection of kidney, liver, heart and the central nervous system. Although cleaned from blood and most tissue by immune response, Leptospira spp. can persists and multiply in tubuli of kidneys. Incidence of invasive leptospirosis disease is globally increasing with frequent outbreak situations throughout the world. Mortality is high during invasive leptospirosis disease and additionally chronic morbidities may follow, such as chronic kidney disease. Due to increasing incidence and frequently outbreak situations, a worldwide surveillance in epidemiology, disease course and long-term outcome is urgently needed. Therefore, the first world-wide Leptospirosis Registry – LeptoScope was launched in 2020 aiming to overcome this lack of knowledge, which may eventually lead to improvements in patient care.

LeptoScope includes a multi-disciplinary approach:

  • Filling patient data anonymously and retrospectively into the electronic case report form.
  • Description of the clinical disease pattern
  • Epidemiological surveys on incidence and outbreak situations of emerging Leptospira spp.
  • Statistical analysis based on LeptoScope data only, or in cooperation with other registries.

Case Definition and Data Entry
You are cordially invited to participate and contribute patient cases of invasive leptospiros diseases to LeptoScope. For inclusion the following criteria must be met:

Inclusion Criteria:
Cultural, serological, molecular or histological evidence of Leptospirosis spp. and clinical evidence of invasive leptospirosis disease.

Exclusion Criteria:
Cultural, serological, molecular or histological evidence of Leptospirosis spp. infection without sings of invasive leptospirosis disease.

If you like to contribute to LeptoScope by entering a case:

  1. Please email us your affiliation and your account to access the LeptoScope questionaire will be setup.
  2. Go to LeptoScope data entry to access your case into the electronic case report form.